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History Friday - Wool Store

This beautiful building is full of History and is located in historical @Port Adelaide so thought would share some information on it's history. This State Heritage building is located in St Vincent St E, Port Adelaide. "A 1930s additional Elder Smith and Company wool store in St Vincent Street ... had extensive warehouse at Port Adelaide where wool was stored before export. St Vincent St E, Port Adelaide SA 5015." “Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Wednesday 14 November 1900, page 3 ________________________________________ MESSRS. ELDER, SMITH. & CO'S PORT WOOL STORES. At the invitation of Messrs. Elder, Smith, & Co. the mayor of Port Adelaide (Mr. J. W. Caire), several of the councillors, and the Port Corporation officers, on Tuesday visited the firm's extensive wool stores, which face the New Dock, Port Adelaide. They were met by the local manager of the wool department, Mr. E. C. Thee, who conducted them through the premises. The party were first taken to the basement of the large store, where they saw a large gas engina, which supplies driving power to the wool-presses, &c, at work. The method of compressing the bales of wool was later observed. Surprise was expressed by some of the party at the extensive character of the stores, which have accommodation for 20,000 bales of wool. At present, however, the stock is about 16,000 bales. Interest was taken in the way tie wool was diaplaved for the convenience of tbe various English and Continental (buyers, who attend the different sales. The party were pleased with all that they had seen. At the end of the inspection they had luncheon on the premises. The Mayor proposed "Success to Messrs. Elder, Smith, & C0.," and coupled with it the name of Mr. Thee, to whom he said the party were must indebted. He referred to the importance of the wool stores at Port Adelaide, and expressed the hope that the depression in the wool market would soon pass away. Much of the surplus labor at Port Adelaide.was absorbed during lie wool Beason, though in tins respect the present season had been' a bad one, became of tbe. low figure to. which wool had dropped, and owing to woolgrowers. declining to place their wool on the market. During Bast seasons, he understood, that Messrs. Elder, Smith, and Co. bad employed, from 100 p> 150 men in their Port wool stores. Ton season about half that number had been given work. Mr. Thee], in responding, said wool had not come to" hand this year so freely as last, and 'therefore not so many, men were required. At his request the company drank to "The Mayor and Corporation of Greater Port Adelaide." The toast was acknowledged by lie Mayor, Councillor Oeaye (pn beaa? 6! the corporation), and MrTW. H. Saunders (on behalf of the officers).”" Click on the below link for an interesting historical read:,_Woolclassing_and_Wool_Marketing._A_South_Australian_History.pdf As a trusted Australian agribusiness, Elders has played an important role in the agricultural sector for more than 180 years. "Port Adelaide History Port Adelaide is an historic area which was central to the colonisation of South Australia dating right back to its inception in 1836 when Colonel William Light first sailed up the Port River. Port Adelaide has been the gateway to trade and commerce in South Australia and the first contact with South Australia for thousands of emigrants when they arrived by ship." We encourage you to put @Port Adelaide on your list of things to do when you visit @Adelaide, South Australia there is an amazing amount of historical buildings, train, shipping and aviation history to explore. #visitportadelaide #history #NationalTrust #stateheritage #southaustralia #tourism #holidays #getaway #shipping #wool ##agriculture #farming #TicSA

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