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Launch of our new Butterfly Garden -

Yes, at Adelaide Style Accommodation we have a passion for the environment and so we identified that Butterflies face a wide range of threats including habitat loss, climate change, disease, pesticides, and invasive plants and urban development etc. Hence this project came about.

The street verge is beautiful at our "Close to City" home in North Adelaide, South Australia so thought it would be great to make use of this area for this project, beautifying the street for visitors and locals in North Adelaide Precinct whilst being environmentally friendly, educational and increasing the likelihood of butterflies to the City of Adelaide.

We identified native plant species with flowers/foliage that attracts butterflies and bees from the friendly staff at the State Flora Nurseries which is within the Belair National Park. They have an amazing resource there where most of their seedlings are labelled identifying what insects/birds etc the individual seedling attracts. (see the photo's attached of some of the species purchased and planted).

Then we sourced some fresh soil/mulch and chip bark from the friendly staff at Hawthorn Building and Landscape Supplies to enable preparing the garden bed for the best possible success.

With the irrigation system in place the garden bed was prepared for the planting. It was wonderful to see the plants put in place, then the chip bark placed over the area to keep weeds down and encourage soil moisture for the plants. Then watered in with the sprinkler and then wait and watch them grow. This garden bed has then been watered with love since and........ Well the fantastic news is that they are growing well and being spring they are now flowering for the first time, so thought it was time to launch this beautiful butterfly garden.

Take a look at some of the photo's attached to see the progress of this garden and what it now looks like today. Will keep you up to date with the progress as this garden grows and we will endeavour to share stories and photo's of butterflies; birds; other insects that may come into this garden.

If you choose to stay in this "Close to City" self-contained luxury home you will have more information on butterflies available to you in the home. We are hoping children; adults from around @Australia and the world who stay with us will be inspired to learn more about the butterfly garden and how they may be able to contribute to their environment as well. Making it a fun and interactive stay which is a little different.

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