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5 boxes of 60 native trees = 300 trees.

Adelaide Style Accommodation is proud and excited to be volunteering in this environmental project - Growing Trees For Life (SA)

In October 2022 we picked up 5 foam containers with soil from Trees For Life (SA). Then over the next month the individual tubes were filled with soil and the individual species seeds were prepared for planting. The prepared boxes are then covered with shade cloth and regularly watered until we see them start to grow. Then when the shade cloth comes off it's a matter of nurturing them with water over the summer months until they reach a good size to hand over to Trees For Life (SA) as backup plants.

These 300 trees will be going back to Trees for Life to be planted somewhere in this great State.

It's a fun and rewarding project to do as a team and it's giving back to help the environment.

Trees For Life (SA) are South Australian and empower people to take action and connect with their landscape.

Watch our blogs to see how these plants progress and will share information on the individual species being grown.



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