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 Behind the Scenes - Training & Business Improvements

We're thrilled to share our journey over the past months, collaborating with Ayla, Jessie, and Ewa from JFA Purple Orange  through an inspiring business mentoring program encouraged and provided by Tourism Industry Council South Australia - TICSA who are focused on promoting tourism as a career choice with opportunity and attract new workers to the sector.

We had the pleasure of Jessie & Ayla visit one of our homes recently and offer advice and assistance in what we are doing well and what we can improve for accessible tourism.

Through this program, JFA Purple Orange brings invaluable expertise to help your business:

  •  Foster inclusivity and accessibility in the workplace

  •  Feel empowered in recruiting individuals living with disabilities

  •  Enhance job satisfaction among existing employees with disabilities

  • Access resources like JobAccess to support your initiatives

Participating businesses will benefit from:

  •  Tailored mentoring sessions

  •  Inclusive Recruitment and Disability Inclusion Training

  •  A comprehensive Disability Friendly Access Check

  •  An actionable plan co-developed with your team, complete with guidance and resources

For more details or to get started, please reach out to Jessie at

Let's create a more inclusive and supportive workplace together!

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