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Do you enjoy the different species of flora and wildlife that you see in Gardens?

You could spend a whole day in #Adelaide exploring the many surrounding gardens.

We have designed an itinerary below which will enable you to take in the many gardens around the city, which are in very close proximity of Adelaide Style Accommodation homes.

Set out in the morning and walk or take the free #Adelaide #Connector #bus from the "Close to City" home or the "Getaway in North Adelaide" home to the Adelaide #BotanicGardens. If you choose to stay at the "City to Beach" home you can catch a tram which stops directly in front of the Gardens.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a 51-hectare public garden at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city centre. It encompasses a fenced garden on #NorthTerrace and behind it the #BotanicPark with its glorious large trees. Botanic Park, is a 34 hectare park.

Whilst you are in the gardens take a moment to stop and enjoy an icecream/coffee/lunch/scones and enjoy watching the water birds in the ponds. If you have time to soak in the ambience of the gardens over a delicious restaurant meal, book a table at the iconic #BotanicGardensRestaurant (opening again in June 2021).

After lunch - take a 6 minute drive or 27 minute walk over to South Tce, in Adelaide to the glorious #VealeGardens - The sunken garden has more than 50 varieties of roses on display. The South Terrace entrance to the gardens features two beds of the City of Adelaide rose. Queen Adelaide rose bushes are planted east of the garden bed at the corner of South Terrace and Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.

Whilst you are there take in the #AdelaideHimejiGarden - Adelaide Himeji Gardens is a traditional styled Japanese garden, a gift from Adelaide's sister city, Himeji in 1982. -Step past the ornate gates of the Adelaide Himeji Garden and take a little green getaway to experience the beauty of Japan. The two styles of garden within the walls offer plenty of nooks, ideal for settling into a deep meditation. Perch on a rock by the water in the 'senzui' (lake and mount garden), where the water coupled with your imagination create images of vastness and grandeur.

Then take a 10 minute taxi drive back to "Close to City" or "Getaway in North Adelaide" homes or 5 minute taxi drive back to ""City to Beach Home" - depending on which self-contained home you are booked to relax in.

These self contained homes all have lovely baths to soak and relax in at the end of this very pleasant day of enjoying nature outdoors. Hard to believe you can enjoy all this just so close to the city.

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