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History Friday - Today would like to share with you the exciting upcoming South Australia's History Festival which is commencing on 1 May 2024 till 31 May 2024.

Commencing on 1 May 2024 - 31 May 2024.

What a perfect opportunity to explore a program of an array of various different history #walks; #talks; #onlinetours #displays etc -

Our City & State and our Stories - Find out all about all of our amazing history.

The theme for South Australia’s History Festival 2024 is POWER.

"Power means a lot of things, in a lot of places and spaces. There is power in science, power in art, power in the food we share and the clothes we wear. There is power in industry. There is power in storytelling. Above all, there is power in people.

Every single one of us has a story. Some of these stories are grand and far-reaching; others are quiet and personal, held close. Some are handed down as lasting relics; others are broadcast widely or uploaded with fleeting regard for their permanence.

We carry these stories with us; some of them are written across our faces. And every one of our stories is enmeshed with South Australia’s vibrant, living history."

There are some wonderful #events on offer. Check them all out at the link below:

So if you are planning a trip to see South Australia or you are already here

for LIV Golf we encourage you to extend your stay and capture this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in so many different ways and explore our amazing #history 

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