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Fun day out for the children.....

Visit the Story Book Trail at Carrick Hill, Adelaide - only 15 minutes drive from the CBD of Adelaide, South Australia

Story Book Trail -

Designed to enable children to explore and discover the natural world, this short walk through Carrick Hill’s parkland uses classic children’s tales to encourage the imagination.

A little info below to tempt you......

* Boardwalk & Frog on a Log This overlooks the pond. Seating is provided on the boardwalk. Fish swim in the pond and ducks often float on it and a frog spurts water into the pond

* Wind in the Willows A boat floats on the pond which is inhabited by ducks. If you glance back at Carrick Hill House it looks strangely like Toad Hall.

* The Hobbit A Hobbit House is built into a bank of ground. This is Bagend where Bilbo lives and a dragon lurks.

* Three Billy Goats Gruff A small, curved wooden bridge painted red spans a dry creek. This is the troll bridge.

* Quidditch Tree A large spreading tree with seating beneath. A Harry Potter moment!

* The Secret Garden A lawned area is bordered on one side by terraced gardens with steps leading up to gates which stand slightly ajar. A robin is on a wind vane in the garden and the key is nearby.

*The Jungle Book and Animalia Complete with Mowgli’s camp, Howling Wolf on the Council rock, plus elephants, tiger and zebras.

*The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe A lamp post is half hidden in the trees and Aslan the lion waits nearby.

*The Magic Faraway Tree A ring of log seats are placed under the tree with a door at the base of the trunk leading the imagination to ponder where fairies live.

* Charlotte’s Web A large rope spider’s web in a frame is safe for children to climb and play on. Wilbur the pig is nearby.

There is the delicious Carrick Hill Café for parents to enjoy after the children have explored. The grounds and historical home of Carrick Hill are just gorgeous - Certainly worth a visit, you won't be disappointed - it's breathtaking.

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