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Tree Lovers! - Our Trees for Life SA update

We're thrilled to update you on the incredible journey of our 360 trees we are growing for Trees For Life (SA), specifically grown for projects in the Western Mallee region of South Australia. Since we began sowing seeds last November/December, our #trees have been on a remarkable journey of growth and resilience.

Snapshot of Progress: Check out the photos on Facebook and instagram capturing the beautiful evolution of our trees! From tiny seeds to flourishing saplings, each tree tells a unique story of life, hope, and nature's incredible power.

Meet the Aussie Warrior: Among the 5 Australian native species we're nurturing is a hardy shrub, Dodonaea viscosa angustissima - standing 1-4 meters tall. Thriving in arid & semi-arid areas, it's a true champion of the Western Mallee landscapes.

Habitat Heroes: This species prefers well-drained soils and basks in well-lit areas. While it can handle some shade, the real magic happens when it enjoys the spotlight – under the sun, its capsules burst into a spectacular display of colors!

 Nature's Tough Cookie: Our plant buddy is a survivor, tolerating dry conditions and even shrugging off a bit of frost. Nature's resilience at its best!

Why It Matters: Beyond the beauty of these trees, we're creating a lasting impact on the Western Mallee region's environment. Native plant restoration helps restore ecosystems, supports biodiversity, and contributes to a healthier region for all.

Stay Tuned: We'll continue sharing updates as our trees grow and thrive in the unique landscape of the Western Mallee. Thanks Trees For Life (SA) for the opportunity to grow again this year and together we're making a difference, one tree at a time.

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