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300 trees delivered this morning to the amazing Trees For Life (SA) volunteers here in Adelaide.

These 300 trees are going to be planted near Millicent in the States beautiful Yorke Peninsula. This time last month we shared with you our update on the 300 trees Adelaide Style Accommodation are growing for Trees For Life (SA) and showcased one of the 4 species we are growing, below is some interesting information on the additional 3 species, with their habitat and cultural uses explained from the wonderful Adelaide Botanic Garden informative website.

Eucalyptus porosa (Mallee Box) Uses: As a broad scale planting along wider roadside verges for wind-breaks and erosion control. Attracts nectar eating birds and insects for food and habitat.

Melaleuca halmaturorum (SA Swamp Paper-Bark) Uses: Highly attractive tree well suited to saline areas that are subject to periods of extended inundation. Effective wind-break or screen when grouped. Closely planted trees can develop into a beautiful copse. Responds well to pruning. Removal of lower branches enhances the papery trunks. Habitat and food source for native birds and butterflies Cultural use: Indigenous peoples used nearly every part of this genus in their day-to-day lives. Fibre and bark for clothing and swaddling babies, drinks made from the nectar, wood and stems for implements and to construct shelters.

Eucalyptus oleosa (Red Mallee) Uses: As a shade or shelter tree in open parks and reserves or as a wind-break and soil control on wider roadside verges. May be difficult to find in cultivation. Can be grown from seed. Attracts nectar eating birds and insects for food and habitat. This plant is indigenous to the following botanical regions of South Australia. North Western; Nullarbor; Gairdner-Torrens; Flinders Rangers; Murray

When Trees For Life (SA) recently surveyed their client’s/growers how they rated their progress with delivering their goals, Goal 1 – Conservation received 81% as their progress as excellent or very good. Check out the full results on their website.

Shout to to all the volunteers/growers etc for Trees For Life (SA). Keep up your wonderful volunteering.

Adelaide Style Accommodation enjoy being a member of this amazing organisation and growing these trees - greening this Great State for future generations.

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