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Amazing - Showcasing history in Street Art

Amazing Kapunda, Mural Town SA" - Recently we visited these stunning Murals which line the walls in the streets of historical Kapunda, South Australia. Take a moment to check out some of these photo's of their murals and if you are planning to visit South Australia we encourage you to put #Kapunda on your itinerary.

Did you know that Kapunda, Mural Town SA" is a finalist in the Australian Street Art Awards and the winners will be announced later this week, 8/3/2024. Wishing #Kapunda community all the best for the big night. These murals are truly amazing. All completed with amazing detail and tells the historical history of this wonderful rural town.

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The #Kapunda #InformationCentre is in the main street and they will be only too happy to assist any inquiries you may have about the Town.

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