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Discover the beauty of Berri, South Australia.

Picture sunsets, amazing bird life, fishing & peaceful walks along the River Murray SA. It’s a gem to explore.

Adelaide Style Accommodation recently ventured to #berri and were captivated by its natural beauty. Just a leisurely 3 hour drive from Adelaide, South Australia, Berri offers a serene landscape perfect for #photographers, #fishing enthusiasts and #nature lovers.

Take a stroll along scenic trails, bask in the tranquility of the river, and immerse yourself in the vibrant bird life that calls @Berri South Australia home.

Need tips and insights? Stop by the Berri visitor information centre, where friendly and knowledgeable staff await to guide you on the things to see and do in the area.

Berri, South Australia - where every moment is a breathe of fresh air. Plan your getaway today…..

Visit South Australia and explore City of Adelaide and Regional South Australia. So much to see and do.

Planning your itinerary?

Also book to stay in one of our homes close to City-of Adelaide or in our new “Country Style” home in Gawler, South Australia before or after exploring Berri, South Australia.

In our 4.5 star self-contained homes you get to live like a local, feel safe, enjoy convenience &have confidence you will be looked after.


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