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Growing up fast ….

Update on growth of our 360 Australian native seedlings that we are growing for Trees For Life (SA).

Enjoy the photos. We enjoy growing these seedlings and would love to share some info on one of the three species we are growing today - Eucalyptus fascialosa (Pink Gum).

“Ornamental gum with irregular shaped trunk with attractive smooth bark turning from pink to white. Can be used as a shade tree in parks or larger gardens.”

These trees are going to be planted in the western Murray Mallee project.

“The Murray Mallee is the grain-growing and sheep-farming area of South Australia. It is bounded to the north and west by the Murray River, called the "River Murray" in South Australia, to the east by the Victorian border, and extending about 50 km south of the Mallee Highway.”

We love being part of contributing to the South Australian Environment in this way.

These trees will create homes for nature and wildlife in the future and many other generations into the future.

Will update you with other 2 species over the next month.

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