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🌿 Happy World Environment Day! 🌿


At Adelaide Style Accommodation, we're passionate about our beautiful South Australian environment and committed to making a positive impact. Here’s how we’re contributing to a greener future:

🌳 Growing 300 Australian Natives: Each year, we nurture and grow 300 Australian native trees for Trees For Life (SA) These Australian Native trees are planted back into South Australian soil, helping to restore natural habitats and support our local ecosystem.

🦋 Butterfly Conservation: We're proud members of Butterfly Conservation South Australia and have created a beautiful butterfly garden to support these delicate creatures. Our garden is a sanctuary for butterflies, providing a safe haven for them to thrive.

♻️ Recycling Initiatives: We're dedicated to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By working with KESAB environmental solutions we encourage recycling and other eco-friendly practices to ensure a cleaner, greener environment for everyone.

🌱 Our Commitment to the Environment: At Adelaide Style Accommodation, we believe in leading by example. From planting trees to supporting wildlife and embracing recycling, our actions reflect our deep love for South Australia and our planet.

Join us in celebrating World Environment Day taking small steps towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference! 💚

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