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History Friday ......

Had an incredible time delving into South Australia's rich history at Partridge House this week during the South Australia's History Festival.

From the fascinating tales shared by our guide Susie to exploring the magnificent gardens, there was so much to learn and enjoy.  

Whether it's uncovering the history of the home, marveling at where the horse stables used to be, or admiring the relocated historic drinking fountain, every corner had a story to tell.

 Plus, how amazing is it that you can borrow a book and relax under the shade of the trees?  Definitely something for everyone!

Huge shout out to the dedicated volunteers who made our visit even more special with their delightful scones, jam, and warm hospitality.

Special thanks to Susie for being an amazing tour guide!  

And a big thank you to the City of Holdfast Bay for preserving this piece of history for current and future generations to enjoy.

 If you haven't already, make sure to check out the South Australia's History Festival events happening across South Australia this month - there's something for everyone to discover!  

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