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"History Friday - Finding Historical Books of Treasure"

Being History Friday, I wanted to share a recent adventure I had while taking a spontaneous bike ride along Linear Park to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens earlier this month. The weather was slightly cloudy, adding a touch of mystery to the day's exploration. The 15-kilometer ride offered stunning views of Adelaide's scenery, captivating me with its beauty.

I arrived at the Botanic Gardens After parking my bike outside, I ventured into the quaint and charming North Lodge cottage, drawn by curiosity to browse through their store. After parking my bike outside, I ventured into the quaint and charming North Lodge cottage, drawn by curiosity to browse through their store.

To my delight, I stumbled upon an old textbook dated back to 1931, focusing on general botany. It felt unexpectedly fortunate to find such a relevant book in the heart of the Botanic Gardens. I felt special and privileged to have discovered this hidden gem & purchased it wondering what information & stories it may hold within its pages. Eager to preserve my newfound treasure, I carefully placed it in a paper bag before continuing my exploration.

As I left the gardens, the weather took a turn, and gentle drizzles began to fall. Concerned about the book getting wet, I quickly found a plastic bag to protect it, ensuring its safety on the journey back home.

Once home, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to delve into the pages of the old textbook. Much to my surprise, I discovered a name written inside – A Allen Simpson. Intrigued, I embarked on an online search to uncover more about this mysterious name.

To my amazement, A Allen Simpson turned out to be a significant figure in South Australia's history. He was an industrialist, a partner in the renowned firm A. Simpson & Son, and even served as the May of Adelaide from 1913 to 1915. His contributions were so impactful that the Simpson Desert was named in his honor.

This unexpected journey of discovery highlighted the richness of history that surrounds us in South Australia. It reminded me that every corner of this beautiful state holds hidden treasures and stories waiting to be uncovered. I couldn't help but wonder if the previous owner of the book would realize that it had found a new home with someone who truly valued its significance.

I share this tale to encourage fellow travelers to embrace spontaneity during their visit to South Australia. Allow yourself the freedom to explore, to pick up old books, to visit parklands and museums – for you never know what fascinating facts and historical gems you may stumble upon.

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