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History Friday: History & Books

Remember the story we shared a few weeks back about the green botanical book from 1935 with AA Simpson's name hand written in the front?

Well, I thought I’d share another fascinating book that I’m currently reading, thanks to a good friend's recommendation. It’s called "Dune is a Four Letter Word" by Rod McLean, and it’s an informative read about Griselda Sprigg and her husband Reg, along with their children. One of their remarkable experiences was attempting the first motorized crossing of the Simpson Desert – imagine desert crossings and dusty memories!

Interestingly, Griselda and Reg were also friends with AA Simpson, and they refer to their friendship in the book.

Books have a magical way of transporting us back in time, making us feel like we are living through the experiences of others. If you love history and enjoy reading, I highly recommend picking up this book.

And here's a little something for our guests: when you book a stay at one of Adelaide Style Accommodation’s award-winning homes, you'll find book cabinets filled with a variety of books to enjoy during your stay.

So why not book your next stay to visit South Australia & BOOK to stay in one of our self-contained homes and take the time to relax, read and delve into some captivating history, and explore more of what our beautiful State has to offer?

Happy reading and happy travels!

May is South Australia's History Festival month in #southaustralia - Travel our Way -

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