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History Friday - History & Nature Captured at Adelaide Botanic Garden

  • Simpson Shadehouse: Originally opened in 1919, this building is a stunning example of an inter-war bush-house structure. Step inside to experience a shady tropical forest, a perfect refuge from South Australia's climate. Named in honor of Mr. Alfred Muller Simpson, who served on the Board of Governors at Adelaide Botanic Garden from 1899-1917, the Simpson Shadehouse was built with funds generously donated by the Simpson family, costing £530.

  • International Rose Garden: A beloved spot for rose enthusiasts from around the world, the International Rose Garden was awarded the Garden of Global Excellence in November 2022. It's a testament to the beauty and diversity of roses that flourish here, captivating visitors with their vibrant colors and perfumed scents.

  •  Queen Adelaide Statue: This statue commemorates Queen Adelaide (1792 - 1849), after whom the City of Adelaide was named. Every August, the city celebrates Queen Adelaide's birthday, inviting those who share her name to learn more about her legacy and her connection to Adelaide.

  • The Morgue: Built in 1882, this historic mortuary once housed the deceased from the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum, which stood on the grounds of the Adelaide Botanic Garden. It offers a glimpse into the more somber aspects of the garden's history, adding depth to your understanding of the site's past.

  •  Ancient River Red Gum: Discover the history of the ancient River Red Gum, a fallen giant that has stood for around 500 years and possibly lived between 1500-2000 years ago. This magnificent tree now serves as a habitat for various animals and birds, showcasing the cycle of life in the gardens.

Take a moment to sit and enjoy the ambiance of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, where history and nature intertwine. Explore the heritage of the trees and buildings, and immerse yourself in the rich stories they tell.

Check out the video link to get another feel for our beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens – a must-see when you #visitsouthaustralia.

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