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 History Friday: Reliving Memories Through Scrap booking!

Ever thought about preserving your memories in a creative, organized way? Scrap booking does just that! It's more than just a hobby; it's a way to keep a journal of life's precious moments. By storing photos and memorabilia properly, they can be cherished for generations.

Did you know? Scrapbooking has its roots in 15th century England with commonplace books and friendship albums. These were filled with letters, poems, recipes, and quotes, capturing the essence of everyday life.

Recently, during South Australia's History Festival, Julie, Adelaide Style accommodation attended an event promoted by the City Of Charles Sturt "Scrapbook Your Family Tree." It was an eye-opening experience! Julie met two lovely ladies from #riverland who had beautifully copied old family photos for the event. I chose holiday photos from when my children were younger.

 Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to reminisce, learn, and grow. Seeing photos from different generations connects us to our past, telling stories that might otherwise be forgotten.

Held at Hindmarsh Library in South Australia this event was a perfect blend of creativity and connection. Julie met wonderful people, admired black-and-white photos of earlier generations, and captured a treasured family holiday. The venue was excellent, and a talented art teacher shared her art skills, making the event even more special.

Have you thought about scrapbooking your family or holiday photos? It's a great hands-on project for families and friends, suitable for all ages. Dive into this creative journey and keep a beautiful record of your memories!

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A huge thank you to Hindmarsh Library and everyone involved for an unforgettable experience!

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