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Leaving the nest …..

Updated: Mar 25

Well today is the day we say good bye to our 300 Australian Native Trees that we have been voluntarily Growing for Trees for Life SA .  They started from preparing and planting 3 different species of seeds in the soil of tubes and then water, water, water. 

To now being sort of all grown up – to go onto their next journey – out into the big wide world – earmarked for an environmental project in the #Riverland – They are #Murray #Mallee selected species. Check out our video to see our story about growing these trees.

Adelaide Style Accommodation loves contributing to the #environment in this way. Thank you Trees for Life SA for allowing us to grow again this year and we look forward to growing again next year.

BOOK to stay in one of our Award winning self-contained homes and live like a local and learn more about what the business does environmentally to support the community and our beautiful State of @South Australia.

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