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Look at them grow

Updated: Jan 21

Back in December we shared with you information about our environmental project - growing 360 Australian native trees for Trees For Life (SA) - and they are now well on their way.

We are growing 3 different species this growing season. (check out some of the photos on our facebook and/or instagram page)

* Dodonaea viscosa angustissima (Narrow leaves hopbush)

* Eucalyptus fasciculosa (Pink gum)

* Rhagodia parabolica (Fragrant saltbush)

These trees are part of the Western Murray Mallee project.

During the next few months we will water them twice daily and watch them grow.

Love being involved with this project and giving something back to the environment of South Australia for future generations and wildlife to enjoy.

Thanks Trees for Life (sa) for the opportunity.

Thinking of visiting #Adelaide,SouthAustralia? Book to stay with us and learn more about what we do environmentally.

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