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Sunset, history, architecture, wildlife, movie - all in an evening at Semaphore  South Australia.

Summer time in #adelaide and our #sunsets on Adelaide Beaches are magnificent - In these photo's would like to share why it is fabulous to visit Semaphore, South Australia if you are presently visiting or planning to visit South Australia.

These photos were taken recently from the Semaphore Jetty. This pelican last night was watching out for fish from the top of the light pole on the jetty - magnificent in flight and to watch him dive down to catch his dinner. The sunset was stunning and it was wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the view with family and friends.

When you walk down the street of Semaphore, South Australia you can't help but be drawn in by the amazing historical architectural buildings - you can read all about the history of them from the plaques on the display kindly provided by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Semaphore has a strong maritime connection, starting with its prominent and grand Customs House at the beach end of Semaphore Road. The historical Customs House, Completed in 1883

Customs Boarding Station housed officers performing customs and quarantine checks on newly arrived ships.

Take a stroll along the main street and be in awe of the many magnificent buildings; the variety of many different unique shops to explore. Have a delicious quick tasty meal at Red Rock Noodle Bar Express Semaphore before heading onto the Odeon Theatre where you can enjoy that famous candy bar area of those choc top icecreams etc plus see some of the previous film equirement. All movies are still only $10 - great to Experience Adelaide.

For the kids: There is a train called Semaphore and Fort Glanville Tourist Railway, Semaphore Station and also the wonderful historical Semaphore Carousel; play sport on the beach and/or go for a swim.

Want to Visit Adelaide & South Australia? Looking for somewhere to stay? BOOK DIRECT and stay in one of our award winning 4.5 star homes that are only a 20 minute drive from Semaphore, South Australia. We like to share our tips with our guests of things to see and do - so you can enjoy things like a #local.

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