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The little things -

All our guests receive some surprise complimentary gifts for their stay and we enjoy supporting local South Australia  owned family businesses like us.

Take a look at some of the great products from South Australian Businesses that we have chosen in this instance and read a brief intro into the businesses.

Nippy's  - Cloudy Apple Juice - "Nippy’s has been a household name for over 50 years. They are proudly South Australian-owned, family-run producer of fresh citrus fruit juices and flavoured milk products that are recognised, trusted and loved throughout Australia and the world."

Paris Creek Farms - (Bio -dynamic Organic Milk)

"Paris Creek Farms is one of a small but growing clan of ‘bio-dynamic’ Australian farmers and artisans. This means we are absolute fanatics (in a good way) about respecting our land. Products are all created from certified bio-dynamic organic milk from carbon neutral dairy farms. Every last drop is sourced from proudly South Australian herds and delivered fresh to Paris Creek Farms."

FruChocs - Menz - Chocolates - "The Menz brand has stood the test of time since 1850 and still to this day, consistently delivers some truly delicious products, some of which are genuinely legendary. There’s FruChocs (first produced in 1948) and Crown Mints (first produced in 1892) - two iconic products that are loved and enjoyed as much today as the day they were first released onto the market."

Brand South Australia - "Celebrating South Australia and supporting all that's local."

If you are looking to stay in City of Adelaide and explore @South Australia -

BOOK DIRECT and stay in one of Adelaide Style Accommodation award winning luxury Self contained homes. #SouthAustralian family business for 5 years.

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