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This is incredible!

Today, I learnt that the LuxLife magazine article about why we won the Top 10 Hospitality Leaders 2024 award is out now! 🏆✨

We spoke about winning the award on 15/6/2024, and now you can read all about it. Adelaide Style Accommodation has been recognized for our commitment to providing luxury and comfort in South Australia. From our new Country Style Louisa home in Gawler to our environmental dedication, the article highlights why we stand out in the hospitality industry.

Can you believe this happened? Check out the full article here

"Top 10 Hospitality Leaders 20249th July 2024Discover the industry’s finest with our Top 10 Hospitality Leaders feature, dedicated to recognizing the businesses and professionals who are shaping a culture of excellence in hospitality. This feature highlights what sets these exceptional leaders apart, celebrating their innovative contributions and unwavering commitment to the industry. Join us in honoring the visionaries who are setting new standards and making a lasting impact on hospitality."

Thank you to our customers and businesses who support us—this is our second global award, and we feel quite humble. 🌟

Thank you for your continued support! 🌟

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