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Update on growing 300 Australian Native Trees for Trees for Life SA

Please read Adelaide Style Accommodation update on one of their environmental projects – growing 300 Australian Native trees for Trees for life.

Back in early January we shared the story of our 300 trees that we are growing for Trees For Life (SA)

Over the hot summer they have been growing well with plenty of regular watering and sunlight. A couple of weeks ago the 5 boxes of seedlings needed to be thinned. The thinning process is where you remove some of the seedlings from the same tube, so you only have one tree in each tube (this enables less competing and therefore more success in achieving survival of that perfect one tree). For this process you need patience as it is a little time consuming but the end result is worth it when you look back at your box and see one successfully grown tree in each tube cylinder. Feeling comfort in knowing you have had positive success for 60 trees in each box. Whilst it's time consuming you can engage family and friends in this process and make it a fun day.

As previously mentioned we are growing some different species of Australian Native trees, in total 4 different species, so thought would share this Acacia pycnantha species with you today. This species is Australia's floral emblem.

Acacia pycnantha ( Golden wattle) - Medium shrub to small tree 10 m high with bright green sickle-shaped phyllodes to 14 cm. Large golden ball-shaped flowers occur in spring. Distribution: New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Look out for our next update where we will share the other 3 species we are growing.

Want to get become a member and/or volunteer for Trees For Life (SA)? Find out more by clicking the link below.

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