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Visiting Adelaide? Want to go on a picnic and explore the outdoors?

Well the Wittunga Botanic Gardens is a gorgeous place to do this and is only a 20 or 30 minute drive from Adelaide Style Accommodation self contained homes.

The gardens offer a FREE Guided Walks every Tuesday at 10.30am by Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide.

Plenty of lovely picnic tables and chairs and lush green grass to sit on for that perfect picnic with family and friends. Brilliant bird life to see with so many different plants out in flower at the moment and water in the ponds.

They have recently added a lovely playground area for the children to explore, so plenty of things to do for everyone.

The Garden was established in 1902 by Edwin Ashby and was given to the community by Keith Ashby and his family on 15/10/1965.

This garden is Located on Shepherds Hill Road, Blackwood.

So if you are looking to visit this great State we encourage you to put this experience on your itinerary and if you are looking at doing a little shopping there are some wonderful stores to explore in the quaint township of Blackwood.

Big thank you to the wonderful volunteers that help/assist with maintaining this beautiful area.

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