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Want to relax? - gorgeous views of City of Adelaide from a different perspective?

Yes, See the gorgeous City of Adelaide from ON the River Torrens......

Whether it's school holidays or you are exploring this great City of Adelaide. There is something for everyone on the scenic River Torrens.

You can hire one of the yellow paddle boats on the river bank and take a leisurely cruise up along the River and take in a gorgeous view of the City from under the bridges.

Alternatively you can take a cruise on the famous @Popeye Adelaide - kids will love it, they can take a cruise to the @Adelaide Zoo on Popeye and make it a memorable day of it.

@Popeye Adelaide has been enjoyed for generations because the Popeye first started in 1935. The “Popeye” boats are privately owned recreational ferries that operate on the lake between Elder Park and the Adelaide Zoo. The first boat was launched on the Torrens Lake by Gordon Watts in 1935. It was a 25-foot (7.6 m) boat, built on the banks of the River Torrens to hold up to 20 passengers and named Popeye 1 and then the rest is history, still going strong and added to their fleet of Popeye's.

You can hire Popeye out for private functions and also book for some of their gin, high tea tours etc, check them out on Facebook.

Then there is the @BBQ Boys What’s better than enjoying drinks and beautiful food with friends, family or workmates? Doing it with a twist of adventure!

Right in the heart of Adelaide, these recreational boats give locals and tourists alike the chance to take in the city while floating down the River Torrens, glass of vino in hand. Check them out on Facebook for prices and date availability.

The @River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri is the main waterway which runs through Adelaide, dissecting the Adelaide city centre from North Adelaide.

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