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Want to see Koala's and waterfalls within 14kms from North Adelaide?

YES. Then we encourage you to take a 14km drive from Adelaide Style Accommodation Homes to #MorialtaFallsConservationPark. For more than 100 years Morialta Conservation Park has been a well-loved recreational escape, offering plenty to see and do for everyone. Its woodlands, gorges, gullies and stunning waterfalls will make you feel like you are miles away from the city. There are three striking waterfalls. If you want to see all three you will need to prepare for a 7.5km hike, but if you want to go to the closest falls it isn't a very long or difficult walk and is certainly worth it for the view and you can listen to the birds.

There is a great wooden, nature play space there which is unique and a great adventure area for the kids to explore and have fun on.

Whilst you are walking keep an eye out for the #Koalas in the trees as during daylight hours they will be sleeping in trees above you.

Take a rug for a picnic lunch plenty of lovely areas to sit and relax.

Once you have enjoyed your time at the Morialta Falls we suggest you check out the many different choices of delicious #icecreams/#gelati at #GelatoBello on #GlynburnRoad, you certainly won't be disappointed, so many delicious flavours to choose from. Guaranteed to be something for the whole #family. This icecream store is usually open late in the evenings as well.

Before you head home for the day be sure to go across the road from the #GelatoBello and see the #Menzfruitchocshop. The shop is located on the same site as their factory. #Menz is a famous South Australian business since 1850, you must try their delicious fruit chocs. #Menzfactory.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm Sundays & Public Holidays: CLOSED

(Suggested option) - If you want to see some movement with the koalas whilst they are awake, if you go on dusk you can enjoy seeing some of them quite active. Another suggestion is to take a torch of an evening and catch a glimpse of the local nocturnal wildlife such as ringtail possums and Gould's wattled bat.

Guaranteed to be an enjoyable day with family/friends and then travel back home for a nice meal cooked in the homes or alternatively venture out for dinner with so many delicious restaurants to choose from in #NorthAdelaide.

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