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What a fabulous opportunity

To be a FINALIST and attend the 2022 South Australian Tourism Awards at the wonderful Adelaide Convention Centre on Thursday 3/11/2022 evening.

We won BRONZE last year and FINALIST this year in 4.5 star luxury accommodation category highlighting our commitment to this great State in offering a positive memorable experience for all of our customers and supporting other great businesses in this State.

Congratulations to all the Award winners and Finalists in your respective categories for your outstanding achievements.

Big thank you to Tourism Industry Council South Australia - TICSA for the amazing work you do to support this event and us in the tourism industry.

Also thank you to sponsors of our category, Flow Power and all the other category sponsors and partners of the awards event.

It was a fun night and our tourism industry is in good hands.

Special shout out to one of our special partners Flamboyance Tours for receiving Bronze in Cultural Tourism and Finalist in the excellence in food tourism category. You can check out our packages on Shop Local SA.

Thank you to all our family, friends and customers who have supported us on our journey -it’s very much appreciated.

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