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What a stunning day - day 2 of the ILCA 2024 Adelaide.

Welcome to everyone from around the world presently here in #SouthAustralia competing in the ILCA 2024 Adelaide.

7 Men's World Championship is presently on at #westbeach at the iconic @Adelaide Sailing Club, until 31 January 2024.

There are approximately 153 listed competitors from 53 different countries and the flags are all on display in front of the #AdelaideSailingClub.

This event is amazing to see - If you are visiting or live in #Adelaide we encourage you to go and have a look and support these amazing competitors, representing their individual countries. You can sit down there and have a drink or food whilst watching all the action and you will also be supporting local - #AdelaideSailingClub.

The volunteers are a huge part of behind the scenes for this event and thanks to all the volunteers and the sponsors of the volunteers.

Well done to all the sponsors, organisers, competitors and volunteers, great for the #StateofSouthAustralia.

If you are thinking of coming to Adelaide and looking for somewhere to stay that is close to the #City and the #beach, please BOOK Direct to stay in one of our award winning 4.5 star self contained homes. We enjoy having people stay with us from many parts of the #world.

Follow the results for this international event daily at the link below:

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