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Wow - Love history? Wanted to share this hidden treasure in our beautiful state of South Australia.

There is a 206 year old Waterloo Bridge Lamp located in Semaphore and it is Originally one of 40 gas lamps on London, United Kingdom Waterloo Bridge (opened 1817). The lamp was offered to Port Adelaide Council in 1936 when bridge was to be rebuilt. This Waterloo Bridge Lamp is 206 years old. Waterloo Bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge crossing the River Thames in London, England between Blackfriars Bridge and Hungerford Bridge. The bridge was demolished in the 1930's and replaced with a new bridge and this lamp is from the original bridge. If you visit this historical lamp you will also be amazed by where it is located near Glanville Hall, Semaphore with its historical The coach house and stables built after 1856 when John Hart built the nearby mansion. The Coach house is built in SA bluestone and red brick quoins and arches. In 1846 Captain John Hart, who later built the grand flourmills at Port Adelaide, subdivided part of his land to create the suburb of Glanville near Semaphore. Hart began building a grand mansion here in 1856 which he called Glanville Hall after the maiden name of his mother. Apart from his business interests John Hart went on to became a South Australian politician holding various seats for most but not all of the years between 1851 and his death in 1873. He was a minister and Treasurer in the 1850s and eventually became Premier of SA in 1865/66. It is sometimes stated that he was the first Premier of South Australia but that is just an issue of semantics. The first Premier of SA was Boyle Finniss in 1856 but it is true that the first time SA officially used the term Premier for our parliamentary leader was in 1865 when John Hart was the government leader. So much history and hidden gems in this State to explore and discover - when you visit this State book to stay with Adelaide Style Accommodation where we like to offer our guests some individual information. #PortAdelaide #CityofPortAdelaideEnfield #holiday #history #historical #London #Semaphore #SouthAustralia #International #Londonbridges #WaterlooBridge #Waterloo #UnitedKingdom #Britain #international #TicSA #Tourism #Accomodation #Accommodation #walking #experience #Adelaide #cityofadelaide #people #family

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